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Record Your Screen for Free
Record Your Screen for Free
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Try the world's best Mac screen recording software for free.
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Try for free today!

Free, Secure Mac Screen Recorder

Looking to enhance your Mac screen recordings? Scribe's AI-powered Mac screen recorder can save you hours — record your screen as you work to build powerful visual guides.

Whether you're creating tutorials, presentations, or sharing your screen with team members, Scribe's screen recording software takes recordings to the next level.

Capture any process with Scribe
Scribe's screen recorder captures any process

Record your screen activity with the click of a button, auto-generating a step-by-step guide with:

  • AI-powered text and descriptions.
  • Clickable links.
  • Annotated screenshots.
  • Mouse clicks.

The Ultimate Tool for Mac Screen Recording

Scribe's highly versatile screen capture tool offers a range of features beyond simple screen recording. It's easy to see why Scribe is loved by millions of teams and individuals around the world.

Scribe review David Flynn: You should be using @ScribeHow.
A rave user review

Here's why:

1. Easily Capture Your Mac Screen

With Scribe, you can capture a new screen recording in seconds. The intuitive interface is easy to use — whether you're a beginner or a tech-savvy pro.

At the click of a button, Scribe records your Mac screen as you go through your process. All you have to do is click the stop button when you're done and Scribe will generate your step-by-step guide.

Capture screen recordings in real time, making even complex actions easy to understand.‎

2. Build User-Friendly Tutorials

Use Scribe to create clear, visual step-by-step guides that walk your audience through processes.

Record your screen & make a guide in seconds

With Scribe's Mac screen recorder tool, you can create dynamic guides in seconds that are easy to update and customize.

  • Add AI-powered titles and descriptions.
  • Edit text and steps.
  • Add helpful tips and alerts.
  • Merge steps to create engaging GIFs for a polished look.

Customize your guides in seconds
Customize your guides in seconds

3. Share Screen Recordings With One Click

With Scribe's user-friendly interface, you can easily transform your screen recordings into shareable content for anyone — team members, customers and even family members.

Share your Mac screen recording with links, embed or export

Record the screen and share through:

  • A quick shareable link.
  • Easily embedding HTML into a knowledge base or other platform.
  • Exporting into PDF or Markdown (Pro).

How to Use Scribe's Mac Screen Recorder

It's super easy to get started with Scribe's Mac screen recorder tool — just install the Scribe browser extension (we recommend pinning it in your browser menu bar!).

3 easy steps to use Scribe
How to use Scribe's Mac screen recorder

Step 1: Record Your Screen

Choose the Mac screen activity you wish to record. Click on the Scribe icon in your browser menu bar.

Click the Scribe icon in your browser
Click the Scribe icon in your browser menu bar

Launch Scribe's user-friendly interface to start the screen capture and record your screen.‎

Click the "Start Capture" button to start recording your onscreen actions.

Click Start Capture to record your screen with Scribe
Click "Start Capture" to start screen recording

Step 2: Stop Recording

Once you've completed your tasks, click the "Stop Capture" button at the top of your screen to stop recording.

Click "Stop Capture" to generate a guide

Scribe auto-generates a step-by-step guide of each action you took on your Mac screen, like this one (which only took 38 seconds to create!):


Step 3: Edit & Customize

Use Scribe's edit feature to help you perfect your screen captures. You can add:

  • More steps.
  • Annotations.
  • Alerts.
  • Helpful tips.
  • Mouse click tracks.
  • And other elements.

... to make your guide more engaging.

Use the editing features to customize
Use the editing features to customize

With Scribe Pro and Teams Pro, you can use Scribe's editing menu items to directly edit your screenshots:

  • Annotation tools: Add text callouts, pointers, and captions to provide context and a polished look.
  • Highlights: Use arrows, shapes, and freehand drawing to draw attention to important information.
  • Redaction: Redact sensitive information with Smart Blur.

Customize your guide in seconds
Customize your guide in seconds

Step 4: Use AI to Build Larger Docs

Use Scribe Pages to combine multiple guides with text, images and video. Then, let AI do the rest!

Use Scribe Pages to combine guides with AI, video and more
Use Scribe Pages to combine guides with AI, video and more

‎With a simple prompt, you can ask Scribe's AI to:

  • Provide clear explanations.
  • Add titles and headers.
  • Edit your copy for grammar, length and tone.
  • Write any type of process document: SOPs, training manuals, onboarding guides, tool walkthrough guides, and more.

Use Scribe
Use Scribe's AI to build larger docs

Step 5: Share In Seconds

Share your document with one click
Share your document with one click

‎Share your guides in seconds — simply:

  • Use a shareable link for easy access.
  • Export your guide to PDF, Markdown or HTML.
  • Use Scribe's platform to distribute your guides.
  • Embed your guide into hundreds of platforms for seamless integration.

Learn more about what you can do with Scribe!

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What is the Mac snipping tool?

The Mac snipping tool is a built-in tool on all Mac devices that allows you to capture either the entire screen or a selected part of your screen. To access it with a keyboard shortcut, press Command-Shift-5.

For more advanced features like annotating, editing, and sharing, use a third-party option Scribe.

How to screen capture on Mac?

To capture your screen on a Mac, follow these keyboard shortcuts:

  • Press and hold Shift-Command-5 simultaneously.
  • To capture part of your screen, press Shift-Command-4.
  • If a thumbnail of the screenshot appears in the corner of your screen, click on it to edit or share.

To capture your screen with annotated screenshots, click tracking and text, use a third-party option Scribe.

What are Mac's built-in screen recording options?

  • QuickTime Player: QuickTime Player has a built-in screen recorder. To use it, open QuickTime Player and select File > New Screen Recording. You can choose to record the entire screen or part of your screen.
  • Screenshot Toolbar: The Screenshot toolbar also allows you to record your screen. To access the Screenshot toolbar, use the keyboard shortcut: press Shift-Command-5.

Scribe: The Ultimate Tool for Mac Screen Recording

Scribe's Mac screen recorder tool lets you build powerful, visual instructional content in seconds. It's easy to see why so many users love Scribe's screen capture tool. Naomi West's user review sums it up:

"@ScribeHow has completely changed how I document and educate remote colleagues. In 54 seconds I can create a walkthrough of (for example) how to create a Klaviyo segment. The only thing I did was press Start Recording and Stop Recording. HOW COOL IS THIS."

Ready to get started? Record your Mac screen for free.

Record your Mac screen and create guides in seconds.