Best Dubble Alternatives & Competitors in 2024

Arsh Manzer
May 23, 2023
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January 11, 2024
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Discover the top Dubble alternatives for your business documentation needs. We uncover a range of software options that your team might prefer over Dubble.
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While navigating the dynamic world of digital documentation, having the right tools at your disposal is crucial.

If Dubble has been your go-to, but you're now scouting for alternatives that better align with your evolving business needs, this article is tailored for you.

We're focusing on the best Dubble alternatives, uncovering what makes each one a potential replacement.

Let’s browse through our options.

TL;DR: Top Dubble alternatives in 2024

Before we delve into the detailed exploration of each alternative, here's a quick rundown of the leading documentation tools for those who want the bottom line upfront.

  1. Scribe
  2. Folge
  3. ClickLearn
  4. FireShot
  5. Guidde
  6. Snagit
  7. Iorad
  8. Loom
  9. Tango
  10. FlowShare

What is Dubble?

Dubble alternatives

‎Let's first gain a deeper understanding of what Dubble brings to the table. This insight will serve as our benchmark for comparison, ensuring we evaluate other tools against a well-defined standard.


Dubble emerges as a noteworthy player in the software documentation landscape, offering a suite of tools designed to convert digital actions into comprehensive guides, videos, and screenshots.

It stands out for its ability to streamline the traditionally slow and tedious process of documentation. With Dubble, creating tutorials, onboarding resources, and detailed guides becomes more efficient, aligning with the need for swift and accurate documentation in modern workflows.

Key features and benefits

  • Screen recording: Dubble's screen recording functionality is comprehensive. It offers speech-to-text, audio capture, video capture, and multi-screen recording capabilities. You can also blur sensitive information for privacy.
  • Efficient editing: The tool enables quick edits, allowing users to modify descriptions, markups, and screenshots. It adapts to changing workflows by letting users update screenshots directly from video recordings, keeping documentation current without starting over.
  • Seamless sharing: Dubble's one-click sharing feature makes it easy to distribute documentation to customers, clients, team members, or anyone else. Plus, you can collaborate with your team members to edit and record guides, promoting efficient teamwork.
  • Integration with various knowledge platforms: Dubble allows users to directly transfer guides to commonly used platforms like Notion, Confluence, Google Docs, and Trainual. This functionality supports platforms compatible with rich content or markdown, facilitating easy sharing and distribution of documentation.
  • Broad application: Dubble is adaptable for a variety of applications, including employee onboarding, internal procedures, customer support, and software usage guides, demonstrating its flexibility and broad utility in different contexts.



  • A freemium plan is available.
  • Paid subscription plans start from $6/user/month when billed annually. A 14-day free trial is available to test out the paid features.

Why you might want a Dubble alternative?

While Dubble offers a solid tool in the realm of digital documentation, the evolving needs of businesses and the diversity of workflows often necessitate exploring alternatives. There are several reasons why one might consider options beyond Dubble:

  • Limited recording environments: Dubble is available solely as a Chrome extension, lacking a dedicated desktop application or mobile app. This limitation restricts usability to Chrome users and may not cater to those requiring documentation tools on different browsers, desktop environments, or mobile devices, thus impacting accessibility and flexibility in various working scenarios.
  • Beta version and lack of reviews: Currently, Dubble is still in its beta phase and does not have ratings on prominent software review sites such as G2 and Capterra. This indicates that Dubble might still be refining its features and capabilities. The absence of reviews on established platforms can make it challenging for potential users to gauge the tool's reliability and effectiveness based on community feedback or industry benchmarks.
  • Limited advanced functionality and support: Dubble's current feature set may fall short for users requiring advanced functionality and comprehensive support. This limitation can hinder the efficiency of complex projects, prompting consideration of alternatives with broader feature sets and stronger customer support.

Best Dubble alternatives in 2024: A deep dive

In this section, we'll explore the top Dubble alternatives for 2024 in detail. We'll highlight what sets each option apart and makes it a strong contender as an alternative to Dubble. By examining these alternatives closely, you'll gain valuable insights into which one best suits your documentation needs and workflow requirements.

1.‎ Scribe

Scribe: Dubble alternatives
Let's kick off our list of Dubble alternatives by introducing Scribe. This popular digital process documentation tool offers a range of features designed to significantly simplify the process of creating comprehensive how-to guides, SOPs and more.

Key capabilities of Scribe include:

  • Web & desktop process capture: Record and document both web-based and desktop processes effortlessly, ensuring precision and ease in capturing software workflows and digital tasks.
  • Shareable links & PDF export: For convenient sharing, there are easily shareable links and the option to export guides to PDF format.
  • Sensitive data redaction: Automatically blur sensitive data from screenshots to maintain privacy and regulatory compliance.
  • AI-generated process documents: Leverage the latest generative AI technology to generate Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), training manuals, and process overviews.
  • Custom branding: Personalize guides by adding company logos and colors to align with brand identity, reflecting professionalism and corporate branding in the documentation.

Using Scribe is pretty simple. Here's how it works:

  • Capture your screen while executing any desired task.
  • Scribe will then automatically generate a step-by-step guide with screenshots, instructions and clicks.
  • You can quickly add edits and customization to perfect your guide.
  • Then, with just one click, share your process guide.

Or you can check out a Scribe showing you how things work:

Scribe ratings and reviews:

Here's what Carla R., a partner program manager, has to say about her experience with Scribe:

"Scribe is so intuitive and simple to use. The team has put thought into how people teach and learn. I can make a tutorial for team members in minutes. The process is no fuss and simplified and features all the tools I need to work effectively."

Scribe pricing:

  • A feature-packed always free plan is available.
  • Paid subscription plans start from $23/user/month when billed annually for the personal plan.


2.‎ Folge

Folge: Dubble alternatives

Folge is a robust desktop application designed to create detailed step-by-step guides and tutorials easily. It captures workflows with full-screen, window, or area capture options and allows users to edit and customize each step.

Notable features include a variety of export formats, such as PDF and HTML, and the ability to integrate with platforms like Confluence and SharePoint.

Targeted at educators, HR professionals, and product owners, Folge offers a straightforward solution for documenting and sharing processes.

Folge ratings:

Folge pricing:

  • Freemium plan is available.
  • Paid plans start from $75 for personal use for a one-time price and $140 for commercial use.

3.‎ ClickLearn

ClickLearn: Dubble alternatives

ClickLearn is a Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) that stands out for its ability to auto-produce and update training content and documentation in multiple formats and languages.

It's a versatile tool for capturing work processes in enterprise software, supporting a wide range of users from management to training specialists.

ClickLearn not only simplifies the creation of training material in formats like Word, PDF, and PowerPoint but also offers interactive videos and a virtual assistant. Its key strength lies in enhancing user adoption of software, a critical factor in the success of software implementations and digital transformation projects.

This platform is particularly useful for those involved in managing digital transformation projects, developing ERP/CRM solutions, or creating training materials. With its automated content creation process, ClickLearn reduces the time and effort needed to produce effective and engaging training materials and documentation, making it a valuable asset in software documentation and employee training scenarios.

ClickLearn ratings:

ClickLearn pricing:

  • 14-day free trial and paid plan information is available on request.

4.‎ FireShot

FireShot: Dubble alternatives
FireShot is a browser extension used for capturing website screenshots and annotations.

It offers a straightforward interface and includes a built-in image editor for immediate adjustments to screenshots. FireShot operates offline, saving captures directly to the PC.

Users can capture full pages, specific sections, or visible parts of web pages and annotate directly within the tool. It supports saving in formats like PDF, PNG, GIF, JPEG, and BMP and integrates with various browsers, including Chromium-based browsers.

FireShot ratings:

FireShot pricing:

  • Paid plans start from $39.95, a one-time payment.

5.‎ guidde

guidde: Dubble alternatives
guidde is a generative AI platform aimed at streamlining video documentation creation. It offers a simple process for capturing step-by-step videos and documents, making it a practical tool for various business applications.

Key functionalities include Magic Capture for easy workflow recording, AI-generated descriptions for workflow steps, customizable voiceovers with a wide range of voices and languages, and user-friendly editing tools.

guidde also enables easy sharing of guides, either through links or by embedding them in organizational systems. This platform is particularly beneficial for customer support, sales operations, and learning and development departments, simplifying the creation of instructional and tutorial videos.

guidde ratings:

guidde pricing:

  • Freemium plan is available.
  • Paid subscription plans start from $16/user/month when billed annually.

Read more about guidde alternatives here.

6.‎ Snagit

Snagit: Dubble alternatives
Snagit is a screen capture and recording software widely used for creating images and videos of computer screens.

It includes features like scrolling capture, transformation of screenshots into simplified graphics, and a content library for organization. Snagit supports text recognition within images and offers various capture modes, including full-screen and specific region capture.

The software has a built-in editor for enhancing captures and allows for easy sharing across multiple platforms like Microsoft Office, Google Drive, and social media. It is commonly used for tasks such as demonstrating processes, explaining concepts, and reporting bugs.

Snagit ratings:

Snagit pricing:

  • A freely downloadable version is available with limited features.
  • Paid plans start from $62.99 for a one-time perpetual license.

See more Snagit alternatives.

7.‎ iorad

iorad: Dubble alternatives
iorad is a tool designed to streamline the creation and sharing of tutorials. It focuses on enhancing the 'Knowledge Loop' - capturing, sharing, and learning - with the aim of making users more efficient.

iorad claims to significantly reduce the time required for education and training, making tutorial creation up to five times faster and learning twice as fast. It is applicable across various sectors, including accounting, sales, IT, and customer support. The platform highlights its global impact with a substantial user base, emphasizing its role in transforming users into 'Power Users' by saving time and enhancing learning efficiency.

ioroad ratings:

ioroad pricing:

  • Freemium plan is available with limited features.
  • Paid subscription plans start from $200/month.

Want an iorad alternative? Check out the best iorad competitors in 2024

8.‎ Loom

Loom: Dubble alternatives
Loom is an online screen recording tool widely used by professionals for creating and sharing video messages.

It offers advanced video editing, storage, and easy sharing capabilities. Loom's AI features include auto titles, summaries, chapters, and tasks, along with filler word and silence removal to streamline video messages. The tool supports easy recording across devices and integrates with various platforms for seamless sharing.

Interactive elements like tasks, comments, and emojis can be added to videos, which support transcripts and captions in multiple languages.

Loom also provides customizable video options, including trimming and stitching, and ensures enterprise-grade security with features like SSO and SCIM. It's a versatile tool for various professional needs, including sales, engineering, customer support, and design.

Loom ratings:

Loom pricing:

  • Freemium plan is available.
  • Paid subscription plans start from $12.50/creator/month when billed annually.

Check out the best Loom alternatives here.

9.‎ Tango

Tango: Dubble alternatives
Tango is a tool designed to create how-to guides and interactive walkthroughs in minutes, aiming to enhance team training and efficiency.

It automatically documents processes and converts them into step-by-step guides, complete with formatted screenshots and descriptions. Tango's integration capabilities allow it to be embedded directly into the other tools teams use, providing on-screen guidance for users.

The tool also features analytics to monitor guide usage and identify areas for improvement.

Tango's process involves simple steps — capturing processes in software, sharing guides with the team, and integrating with various knowledge storage and sharing tools. It is particularly useful for teams looking to avoid traditional training methods like long videos, extensive text documentation, and frequent meetings, offering a more streamlined and interactive approach to training and process documentation.

Tango ratings:

Tango pricing:

  • Freemium plan is available.
  • Paid subscription plans start from $16/user/month when billed annually.

See the top Tango alternatives for more options.

10‎. FlowShare

Flowshare: Dubble alternatives
FlowShare is a tool that automates the creation of step-by-step guides, user manuals, and SOPs.

It runs in the background during tasks, documenting every action in software to produce process manuals. Key features include the automatic generation of text descriptions, bulk editing functions like blur and crop, and customizable branding settings.

FlowShare also allows for exporting documents in multiple formats and operates on local devices for data security. It is aimed at streamlining documentation processes in organizations, ensuring uniformity in guides, and keeping documentation updated with minimal effort.

FlowShare ratings:

FlowShare pricing:

  • 14-day free trial plan available extended with an always free version with limited features.
  • Paid subscription plans start from $21/workspace/month when billed annually.

Wrapping up: Time to take some of these Dubble alternatives for a spin

In conclusion, choosing the right alternative to Dubble is a strategic decision that hinges on a thorough understanding of your team's unique needs and workflows.

It's essential to carefully weigh the pros and cons of each option presented in this article. Remember, the tool that aligns best with your team's objectives and work style is the one most likely to enhance productivity and streamline your processes.

Engaging your team in this decision is crucial.

Involving your team in selecting the right tool is essential. Their direct experience and insights are particularly valuable, given they are the primary users. Their feedback can greatly impact the decision, helping ensure that the chosen software aligns with your team's practical, everyday needs.

Among the alternatives discussed, Scribe deserves special mention for its comprehensive suite of features designed to elevate training and documentation processes.

From its advanced editing capabilities to its robust recording functionalities and collaborative features, Scribe offers an all-in-one solution that caters to diverse documentation needs.

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